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Default Unknown sword blade mark for ID

This belongs to a fellow collector, who has recently acquired it in a local auctioner.
I know i should have taken pictures of the whole sword but, being influenced by the fact that the (only) enigma is the blade mark, i neglected the correct procedure .
This is a strong and well made blade mounted on a Portuguese cuphilted sword; nothing unusual, as all blades were imported at the time. Judging by the composition of the letters that are distinguishable, it ought to be a German mark ... and not Spanish, as it starts by a "W". Also the blade design looks German ... i guess.
There is no inscription on the body; only this mark on the tang.
I take it that this would belong to a period series of trade blades, that were supplied by the bundle, for later mounting in local swords.
Has anyone here ever seen this mark, or could decipher its contents ... the blade maker (short) name, perhaps ?

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