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My first time to saw this kind of blade was close to 30 years ago, at my best friend's home in Yogyakarta, where I come from. He said it's called Kudi.
I have been wandering around in West Java since 1995 to several mountains to climbed and did birdwtching, but I haven't seen this blade being used by people in West Java, btw I am living in West Java for 3 years now.
In the end of 2019, I went to a place called Petung Kriyono (Pekalongan), which is not far from the Central Java capital city, Semarang, just about 3hours. The village is surrounded by forest and has no cell phone connection, a blank spot. This area just well connected with a good road not long ago, approximately in the last 20 years. It is an ancient place, the civilization dated back to at least 1100 years ago, I think the civilization is as old as Dieng Plateau.
And for the first time, I saw this "kudi" being used by the farmer in their garden.
I could send the pictures to anyone here who willing to post the pictures to this thread. Just send me your email address.
If it is said from West Java because of the character of the handle, you could find these kind of wayang character in Central Java as well.
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