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Just looking further into the markings on this tulwar hilt and found some notes from discussions here regarding similar acronyms (?) on others posted here in 2010-14.
It seems during the British Raj numerous instances of this apparently took place and 'romanized' lettering was used. In one case the initials ALG occur on a blade with three numerals. It is noted this may be for Aligarh district in the state of Uttar Pradesh (which is often marked UP).

Another tulwar has ULD interestingly acid etched on the blade of a tulwar, and it is noted this is a train station code for Achalda, a town in Auraiya district (also in Uttar Pradesh).

In the latter 19th century, unsure of what years, the Rodwell Co. in England made M1853 (after the British pattern cavalry sabers) for the Baroda Railway security forces. It is unclear what the markings were.

Possibly if records of the railway codes in India during the British Raj could be found, an answer to these markings might be found.
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