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I don't like shape of the points on those daggers.
my ray skin looks pretty much the exact same as yours, just with extra orange die on top. you can see some parts of my ray skin which don't have the orange, looks just like your ray skin if not older. could you tell me what looks off about it? the fittings do look very similar and a little better quality. I doubt mine is more recent than the circa 1900 tourist pieces.

the blade on mine looks like a forged, fullered, carbon steel. my sword may have had new fittings put on for one of many reasons(maybe to bypass laws preventing sale of items over 100 years old.),maybe the original scabbard broke ,or original fittings were silver etc., I am thinking it may be a real weapon blade, made into a personal talisman sword, temple/exorcism sword or Daoist sword. Tibetan? (not for tourist) and I think the reason the fittings are crude is really just because its village made , and primitively made, maybe the master bronze caster just died. maybe the village fittings were more crude before perfected for the tourist market. they actually look pretty good compared to most plain simple 19c military examples.
I don't think my sword with buddha is military or meant for battle. but it would certainly work, feels like a quality sword.

anybody maybe know where this type of buddha face comes from? with the large earlobes, hair style, etc. also I notice a stain at the top of the fuller on both sides. any ideas what that's about?
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