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Hello ALL

I think these belts are really interesting. Containers to carry pre-measured powder charges. With the lead balls and patches kept in a separate pouch.

To my view, the OP is definitely NOT European. Not really sure of it's origin.
And Post #4 looks very similar in design. Both being designed to carry the chargers in a downward position with the wool plugs positioned in the tips.

Post #5 and 7 shows chargers designed to be carried with their pour spouts in the upward position. Likely also with a similar wool type plugs.

Kuber's belt is definitely Afghan, with it's traditional open metal work on the pouches.

These could be used for either matchlocks, flintlocks, or percussion guns since they are only required to carry powder.

The OP's belt is not OP's belt is not Omani. They are designed different. Could still also be Afghan. Don't know. I've seen that particular tiny punch mark design on leather from this Region before. But can't recall. I don't have anything similar.

Congrats on a nice find. I'll see if I can locate where that punch marks are in my collection.

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