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Jim and Mahratt have the books well covered I believe.
Jewant Paul's books are not in depth, but give a few rather delightful passages from historical Indian writings, covering specific incidents, battles, etc.
A Very well written book, is "The History of Rajasthan" by Rima Hooja.
She is a quite brilliant writer, and does an admirable job on an incredibly large subject.
Her style is such that she makes the book not in the least daunting, even though it does run to about 1200 pages!

To add a little to Jim's great information, I can only say that what does not help us these days, is that the arms of India are so diffused;
Many arms were found far away from where they were made, as they could be traded, or taken as spoils of war, etc.
Lord Eggerton's book has some V interesting anecdotes, but the arms are described as "from", in other words, where they were found, which can be a greatly different from where they started out!

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