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Originally Posted by Gonzoadler
@Jim McDougall
Unfortunately I have no additions to your comments, but they are really interesting and informative.
Do you can recommend some literature concerning Indian arms?
Thank you very much
I completely agree with Mahratt on his recommendations of books.
Robert Elgoods books are probably the most thoroughly researched, and his material is from many years of field research in India, and his cataloging of armouries there.
The Rawson book is a venerable and useful study of Indian swords that evolved from Mr. Rawson's cataloging of these arms for the Victoria & Albert museum iin the 1960s.

Beyond this, if you use the search function here you will find over twenty years of discussions we have carried on here on these topics on Indian arms. Quite honestly, I have been fortunate to learn much from the guys here and all of us sharing their knowledge, examples and findings.
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