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Default Antique Tunisian or Algerian flyssa-genoui type knife/dagger

I got this piece fro Artzi, hence i am using his beautiful pictures. Its a complete and excellent piece. All original, intact and in great shape. It was described a little vaguely by Artzi but I believe its a Tunisian/ North African knife.

Here is the original description of it:
We are not very sure as for the origin of this dagger. Many similar ones are common on the market as bazaar pieces but this one is old (late 19-early20C.) of very good quality and workmanship. The thick curved blade is 8 1/2 inches long, single edge with a 5 inches back edge. Pierced and engraved and with brass strip inserted to the spine. Horn grip with brass circle shaped and twisted wires inserts, set with small corals. Brass cross guard and collar. Fabric covered scabbard with brass mounts. Total length 14 1/2 inches. very good condition. The handle with the brass inserts as well as the scabbard cover are of ottoman style where as the blade shape and cuts looks somewhat North African. Very well made dagger.

$500 OBO. Shipping in USA included.
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