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Originally Posted by A.alnakkas
Hello Alex,

I think they are what you say. But the examples I've seen are really old! I think one of the shamshirs has a wootz blade.

Am not talking about the modern reproduction coming out of yemen/ksa and oman.. am talking about swords made to be used and are rehilted over and over.
Salaams, Kind regards in hot weather !! We are having 50 degrees just now.
Interesting about the plastic stuff in the market over the last 20 years or so.. Personally I dont mind as it takes the strain off rare species to some extent I suppose. There are several types of plastic . The first composite is a yellow colour and on Khanjars it makes a reasonable useable and heavy hilt. The second is a dark brown almost black colour which is quite attractive and dense so that it can accept the myriad of small silver pins in the same way horn does. Often that one is called "carbon". They are both plastic of a sort but no seller with half a brain would promote a plastic handle as genuine horn. The other plastic job is white and is the Ivory variant copy. It is very attractive and practical and takes all the adornment like a real one. Again no one should be duped by a plastic handle since they have virtually no patina cracks or wear as in the original and who ?... which tourist is in the market for a real rare species hilt?... not a lot I suspect. Those that know even a little about real horn handles will never be fooled by a composite hilt. We are experimenting with various less expensive, allowable, horn equivalents and have some excellent results. I have one in the workshop now and will publish to Forum on completion. (There is another cheaper variant in the form of a ceramic handle but we gave up on that as it shatters when dropped ! )
Ibrahiim al Balooshi.
p.s. I know of no plastics on Omani Swords.
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