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This peshkabz might be quite old: one scale replaced, the rhino one has repairs ( multiple rivets). I ‘d not be surprised if it dated to 18th century.
I was intrigued by the earlier statement about the size of the rivets because of Flindt’s statement. I have handled quite a few supposedly Central Asian peshkabzes with simple wooden handles and seemingly large rivets about 6-8 mm in diameter. All of them in fact had regular size rivets with washers around them or just sat in the middle of larger shallow indentations of that size covered with some materiel ( most often mother-of -pearl). We can see it on your pesh’s handle on one of the lower rivets with a missing cover. The idea of 6-8 mm rivets doesn’t make sense to me: it would require 6-8 mm holes in the tang, side by side in the upper and lower rows, significantly weakening it.

I might be wrong but would love to see examples with solid rivets of that size.
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