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Default Middle Eastern/North African Musket

Just picked this up in a local auction. Unusual in that it has a European style Flintlock rather than the typical Miquelet lock. IMHO the lock is the original as the stock mortice fits it correctly, and the pan lines up with the touch hole.
Total length of the gun is 1700 and the octagonal barrel is 1360 and is approx 16mm bore. The half stock is attached to the barrel with shrunken leather. Nice engraving on the top of the barrel and some on the woodwork. Nice bone inlays a couple of with are missing and need to be replaced.
I am inclined to call this an Algerian gun going by the stock comb shape but any Algerian guns I have seen have had miquelet locks.
By the way there appears to be a rectangle mark inside the lock at the upper middle but I have not been able to read it for now.. need a much stronger glass!!
All comments welcome.
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