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Originally Posted by mahratt
I take no offence. Moreover, I am not offended by certain participants. It's just that if people write nonsense because of their lack of knowledge, I point it out)))
Little text, many pictures, among them not a single Central Asian knife in a Dagestan scabbart.
One half of the information you do not comprehend, from that the second seems like nonsense.
This is because you are more concerned with yourself than with the issues that are considered here.
But in pictures, you always become active ).
Yes, with you stupid, but always funny))

Originally Posted by mahratt
P.S. The differences between the scabbard of the Turkish knife that you showed and the scabbard of the author of the topic were seen by everyone except you and Ariel.
No matter how much you shout "sugar", your mouth will not become sweeter ))

PS: We are talking about the scabbard, not about the knives that are associated with them or not.
And this Central Asian scabbards have very little to do with the scabbard in question.
Just don't say that this simple thought has escaped you again.

I apologize to everyone for this development of the topic.

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