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These are indeed interesting knives. However, there has been debate for some time as to whether many of the knives shaped like your example are indeed from Kerala or whether they come from northern India, notably Rajastan. It seems likely that both areas have similar knives, and whether this is a case of co-evolution or one area introducing into the other has not been resolved as far as I know.

Perhaps one way to judge this is to look online at the numbers of similar old knives in "excavated condition" coming from sellers in Rajastan versus those said to be from Kerala. Overwhelmingly, those offered come from sellers in northern India. The T-spine on these knives might fit with a more northern pattern also.

I would agree that these are mainly work knives, and the recurved edge aids with both slicing and chopping. However, not all of the Kerala knives are work tools--there are some fancy examples with silver hilts and nice sheaths.
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