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Originally Posted by Norman McCormick View Post
I received some Gustav Emil Ern kitchen knives as a wedding present, 1982, and they all have tapered tangs, very well made and still going strong. The company closed down round about this time. Knives are being sold now under this company name but as far as I can see the quality is just not there. This fits in well with the timeframe that Ausjulius has proposed. In conclusion I guess that a tapered tang is not a reliable determinator of age other than the probability that it is pre third quarter of the 20thC.
yeah comp[anies woudl keep using the old dies till they were broken, many solingen makers wou7ld buy the forged blanks form a supplier so many had the same modles . when the dies began being worn out more simple designs would appear. and that woudl influence many makers to adopt the simpler designs because the supplier supplied them.. now the bosters are forge welde dinto the blade blank on the modern stainless knives form solingen sadly .. no more dropforged blades.. well maybe a couple of smaller makers using thier dies or old blade blanks.. but the big makers none. it is easier to have the blank strip with a bolster welded ont it and then just drop forge that out. but you must use a simpler dimension making a tapered tang or a very refined bolster unlikely.
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