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Anything is possible, but this is not a keris made in the time of Sultan Agung.

It is keris that has been made in a generic Mataram style, but not in Central Jawa, I believe close examination would indicate that it is East Javanese, probably Madura, I would not give it as 17th century, more likely pre-1850.

The kembang kacang & gandhik are typical of East Jawa/Madura, there is no odo-odo (central ridge), the sogokan are straight and in a waved blade there should be a small degree of curve, such as we would see in the beak of stork (specifically a burung bangau).

Not a bad old keris, but not Mataram Sultan Agung.

The difference between one & the other can be quantified as a very large variation in value.

The dress appears to be quite nice and is well worth restoration.
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