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Originally Posted by A. G. Maisey View Post
...However, this Forum does not present itself as an academic nor as a scientific Forum. My own understanding of the character of this Forum is that it is a place for discussion. That discussion might be based upon "research" as research is understood in general or colloquial terms...
... As a part of information gathering, I would suggest that the comments posted to discussions in this Forum do not need to be either scientific or academic in nature...
... As to how important something might be, well, to determine that we probably need to place the concept of "importance" into its related context:- things that are important to a person, or to a field of knowledge, could well be totally unimportant to another person, or field of knowledge...
... It is absolutely certain that academic research and the related scientific method of investigation have a place in the world at large, but I wonder how much of a place either might have in a Forum that to me, appears to be dedicated to ongoing, open discussion...
What a clear and truthful perspective; obviously subscribable.
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