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Originally Posted by fernando View Post
Sure thing Larry; if you take into account the scope of this Euro forum; no modern stuff, like bayonets from the 20th century.

You have already shown us multiple pictures of this pistol in similar angles .
It took me until now to realize that I was the one you were calling Larry 🙂.

Yes I have. 🙄.....guess I was just hoping to get every possible drop of info possible. Was hoping for a more fun story behind the carving and figuring what it meant to someone.

Basically I've learned a time when made. Where it was likely modified and carved. Think that's it?

The initial would have been put into the gun when it was first made? Meaning it was commissioned by someone likely? Was this pretty common back then? Would it have been one person who .ade this gun for MR and it had no carvings and was a flintlock? Then J.Ebert got his hands on it and converted it and carved the pictures and put his name on the gun?

I know little of the customs of gun makers and owners during this period so this is all fascinating. I apologize in advance if my questions are incompetent and thought train WAY off 🙂
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