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Originally Posted by fernando View Post
Yes but, your pistol; could it be from close to mid XIX century ?
If the Orbea pistol was ordered then as a copy of the Gabiola pistol, I guess yes. But their wood look like coming from the same piece and all the metals have the same tone and pateen. The Orbea pistol looks like a copy of the Gabiola in general terms, but not made with a caliper, that probably would have been used by somebody in the middle of XIXth century. I expect more info on this older Orbea will be available if the weapons museum at Eibar is aproached.

Pictures will not be perfect to discern this.

UPDATE. This is for the Orbea pistol.
Both pins came out fine. The barrel resisted still a bit but was dislodged. It has active rust but no seriously bad pitting in about 20%, mostly at the back, under the tang and at the sides. Somebody used badly an unprotected vise. About 80% of the hidden barrel is blued, I suppose all the barrel used to be like that once.
Looking through the barrel it is not charged, but there is something looking like molten tin at the bottom. The firing hole has something like a conus at the inside (?).

I noticed that the Orbea mark at the guard has an extra M, so this is M Orbea. The founders of the company in 1859 were Juan Manuel, Mateo and Casimiro Orbea.

Now the barrel had a first round of mineral oil and 000 steel wool, and I am searching for a brass scratcher. I treated the wood with a piretrin loaded solvent (Prevalien) that was good to remove rust too, and dries in a minute and now it has been covered in linseed oil. Probably I will put everything together back in a couple of weeks.

I made pictures but they are huge and I will have to adapt them to the forum. Surprisingly they go in. I did not use an stative.
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