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Watch out. It usually happens that the pin has rusted, the rust has increased its diameter and is firmly fixed and the work with a punch cannot be carried out, destroying the surrounding wood in the attempt- If this happens, the only thing that remains is to destroy the pin , by means of a fuse of almost equal diameter, but be careful, the weapon must be held firmly by some artifice and the fuse must be oriented perfectly in the direction of the pin

Wood seems in remarkably solid condition. Pins do not have rusted aspect on the outside, but that does not cover inside the wood. I take for granted that half a century could have passed since the last time barrel was detached.

The makers are Gabiola (GABYOLA), of which a pistol with very similar decoration is present at Madrid National Arqueological Museum, and Orbea (ORBEA) which family members would become famous from the middle XIX century. I take that Orbea was apprentice to Gabiola (active 1791-1810).[Museo%20Arqueol%F3gico%20Nacional]
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