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Thanks, Colin.

Quite similar. I forgot to mention my 'flap is secured top as a flap, and by AND bottom by being sewed in two places, so the only way to secure the scabbard is by threading a belt thru. My Brazilian/So. American knives with bovine leather sheaths do indeed have a flap. Integral or sewn only at the top, to allow it being tucked into a sash from the top. The flap is keeping it from falling further down, and allowing the sheath to also be pulled up & out without undoing the sash or belt.

Mine is also made of goatskin, which i've not seen in the Americas, north or south, but, like lizard (croc) is common in Africa (and Brazil).

Yours, like mine seems to be a common repurposing of european large cutlery as bush knives rather than purpose built machetes. In the thread of yours, there are other large knives, with similarly decorative and functional thong/cord bindings and bands.
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