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Default Bush Knife?

Just acquired this. Looks too classy for a repurposed chef's knife — I remember James Bowie carried something similar onto the sandbar and defeated soundly a gang of n'er-do-wells.

It appears to be an African bush knife, heavy 16 in. single edged blade, 2 in wide ^ 1/8" thick just before the integral bolster, slight distal taper to point. Full tang, wood grips wound in rattan to improve grip. Nice scabbard, looks like goat skin. Logo on blade looks like <something> BROS LTD under a snake tail, left end illegible.

Does anyone recognize the Logo? Or the style of the scabbard? (The other (right) side of the scabbard looks exactly the same, minus the belt loop, and the central line of stitching is a bit wavy and the terminal knots for the decorative banding are on that side. Looks like it was made for wear inside the belt. Blade fits nicely either left or right.

Any Info appreciated, thanks.
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