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Originally Posted by TVV
Robin has identified this correctly, it is an Omani so called "royal" khanjar, though this style is reportedly worn by all members of society and not exclusively reserved for the royal family. Your is relatively modern, and I had a very similar one, and I still have an antique one as well. I do not have a picture of the two next to each other, but when looking at pictures of the details of the silver work on the hilt, the differences are clear to see.
While not of the same quality as older work, it is still a nice khanjar and a nice addition to a collection. But be careful, these khanjars (jambiyas) from Southern Arabia can get very addictive.
Thank you and Robin as well very much! Yes I do like them a lot but no risk for an addiction ( although I can very well understand where you are comming from ) as my focus will be with the Balkans and specially the Bosniaks, where I still looking for a few Balkan kama's, cakija's and types of bichaqs I do not have...

take care and stay healthy !

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