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Hi All

I meanwhile found the time to replace one of the two missing rod-holder. I used an iron tube, put it in a stand driller and forged it with a file. What is still missing now is the second (and I worry much more complicate to produce) rod holder as well as one of the screws from the lock plate.

I would very much appreciate if

- someone can post a good quality example image of such a "rod holder". Even if I am not sure if I can manage to reproduce.

- and if someone has an idea where I can get such a coatless iron screw with a round head. It must be M4 (4mm) x 35mm (or longer). I found one 30mm long (see link), but that would mean to add another 5mm... Maybe one of you has an idea or has one as a spare part. I would be very happy.

Kind regards
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