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Originally Posted by ariel
Before X-Mas and well before New Year there is a forgotten or ignored date: December 21.

It is the day of winter solstice, the shortest day of a year. Today, day after that, the day is a fraction of a second longer ( at least, I hope so), but there is an absolute certainty that from now on things will get brighter.

We crossed the nadir, the doldrums, we are moving toward better times!

Congratulations to all!

Ariel, my dearth of knowledge on astronomy is , uh, astronomical!!!
and while I have always heard of solstices etc. had no idea what it referred to, but most interesting........
what I do know is I could not more heartily agree, things forward WILL get brighter and we are all stronger and with more resolve.

Well spoken words, and my deepest wishes to everybody as well, for a Merry Christmas and every hope for a wonderful new year.
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