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In Agostino Gaibi, Armi da Fuoco Italiane there is an extensive list of Italian gunmakers from 1500-1850. I found there three gunmakers with the initials "PF" working in the time from ca. 1660 to 1720. These are

FRANCESE, Paolo, Brescia 1675-1700
FRASSINI, Pietro, Brescia 1698-1734
FORNAZI, Pietro Paolo, Brescia 1650-1685.

The pistol is certainly made in the years between 1680 and 1700, a very similar one is pictured in the above book under n183. This was made by Agostino BARBAGLI in Brescia ca 1680. Its calibre is 12mm. From the foto you can see how the cock should look like.
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