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Online weapons collections that I use.

The Royal Armouries - a very broad collection including ethnographic weapons.

The Royal Collection - primarily European, but with a very fine collection of Indian arms and armour.

The phenomenal Wallace Collection - both European and Oriental/Asian collections.


The Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna - seems primarily to have the European weapons digitally catalogued, though the collection has a fair selection of high quality Indo-Persian items.

The V&A Museum - unhelpfully a lot of the collection is not yet photographed, but the items are described in detail, and you can request pictures of anything of interest.

The Ashmolean Museum Oxford - search by terms. A broad mix of items.

National Museum of Korea - search by terms. Primarily Korean weaponry.

The State Hermitage Museum - a mixed collection of high quality European and Indo-Persian items, with a scattering of ethnographic pieces.!ut/p/z1/nZFha8IwEIZ_iz9gJOlqox-PbE1tJ7GLMWu-SHTVFddWdFj275eKA-mwwu7LcfC-z73HIYPekKnsqdjar6Ku7KebMxMsBUBAHhmOcehjDC8ypUAlwQ lF-izANwowMtd-wWdjDAkhgYjCaah-_T0C079_gQwy5L38bvsxt4f1B8p0bvd1dezC_7pNf3bdQq8JPO RPGPg4ZSNfeHxEugIxSSgGMR9GQiyYx_yLoGdJ5kLSmyGlh_Sp yBukqvpQuo_IlqjZdJmq51fnPd_uevf26C6Z_JMc3_vJvlRqtx pu5OQhi7ezppnDZgeDwQ-jIfTo/dz/d5/L2dBISEvZ0FBIS9nQSEh/?1dmy=#meta_woa_category_main=Weapons%2C%20Armor&s earch=Weapons&meta_authoring_template=WOA

Of course the amazing Metropolitan Museum collection.!?q=arms%20and%20armour

Not ethnographic, but perhaps still of interest - the UK National Army Museum.
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