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Originally Posted by Yvain
Just to add my two cents on the takouba similarities, the takouba scabbards are actually really different in construction and materials. Morel describes them extensively in his article on the Tuareg sword, and states that they are made of leather only, in multiple glued layers. No stitching is used in the making of those scabbards (see picture).

Thank you so much Yvain for this excellent insight into takouba scabbards.
It is outstanding to have these details from these sources which are not only typically not readily accessible to us here, but that they are in French so that also presents a certain barrier.

As being discussed, this most curious example seems to be from Dongolan regions in the Sudan, but frankly defies any indication of use other than symbolic or perhaps some sort of tribal ceremonial item as Philip has suggested in earlier entry here.
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