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The piece could well have been made in the Dongola region as Jim suggests. That area has a tradition of iron working that goes back to the Meroitic period. The Nubians from there were a separate ethnicity with a Christian tradition until the 1500s that was at odds with the Mahdi and fought against them.

The piece appears to me to have been made in two parts. Maybe even at separate times. The grip is of unknown design, but it was forged and finished with a square profile without hammer marks as does the blade. The pictures suggests to me that the grip was flanged somewhat to accept the blade. But this could be just the way the photo appears.

The scabbard is old and weathered, but of a relatively 100 year old "modern" construction. It looks like a paper/cardboard base, then cloth wound and finally a leather cover.

Interesting and puzzling sword.

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