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At last i've found some time to take more pictures of the swords,its going slow but one by one.
First is the takouba saber (aljuinar) probably from the Nigerian/Cameroon border (Fulani?) its a single edge, double fuller blade, military grade blade (French). No markings on the blade.
Flexible, light but strong blade. Only the last 20 cm near the tip is sharp, there is a damage on the blade, a piece is missing probably during the forging/ hardening proces.
The handle is wrapped with leather strings,brass pommel.The crossgard is in leather with simple decorations on both sides. The scabbard is simple in decorations but well made at the tip same style of leather wrapping as on the grip, mounts are missing.
Measurements: oal 95 cm; blade lenght 77cm; blade at the handle 3,2 cm; thick 7 mm at the handle.
Looking forwards on your comments/ feedback.

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