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Originally Posted by kai
Wow, that would be a pretty early repatriation, indeed!

That's a really nice Maranao sundang with heavy danganan hilt. I can barely make out the separate sampir - if the angled line really is where I believe to fathom it, this might be early 20th c. A larger version of the handheld pic would be good though.

Please have the grip bands tested with any larger buyer of gold - with a XRF device it is easy to measure the amount of gold and silver in the, hopefully, suasa alloy (if possible, try to get the full analysis of the alloy, please).

Thanks for sharing, Xas!

Dear Kai:

Thanks for the analysis! Here's a closer pic of the gangya and the pommel. I've only done partial restore, hence it's still rough- just removed the rust from the blade, never really sanded and etched it properly yet.
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