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Default Afghani Salawar yataghan? Or?

picked up this yataghan last week. 22.5 in. long sharp blade, unmarked, 1.25 in. wide at the all steel grip, t-spine, 3/16 in. thick at the grip, Four inch sheet steel scale grip, held on by three rivets, lenticular shaped steel butt plate held by peening to the tang. May be some sort of filler inside. 250grams in weight. No scabbard. 'Bolster' at oval grip/blade junction is very much like a Khyber knife, as is the t-spine. Un-fullered blade section is Khyber-like in section, though not the tapered wedge of those knives. Looks like a cross between a Turkish and Afghani design. Grip looks like it may have had a wrapping of some sort. Blade is comfortable in the hand with the thumb and forefinger pinching the 'guard. Remaining 3 fingers on the grip and the but fits right in the palm. ready for a chop, slice or thrust.

ANy comments appreciated. Could this be a transitional shape? Would the grip be wrapped, if so what with? Anyone have a similar knife? Age?
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