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Originally Posted by Philip View Post
A couple of things are out-of-the-ordinary compared to the norm for examples the generations of similar weapons evolving from ear to bat. One is the rather broad point, with edges curving to an ogival tip. Usually, the familiar versions have a markedly triangular shape to the central blade, with straight edges tapering to a thin point. In addition, all of the published examples I have seen have either a rhombic (diamond shaped) or a ribbed cross-section all the way from root to point, not transitioning from one to the other along the way. Lastly, I'm somewhat mystified by the symmetrical indentations in the blade profile, as stated previously, the norm is straight edges giving a triangular shape.
Excellent. You hit on all my thoughts on the oddities. Ive taken some better pictures of those areas.

I believe the broad point is a result of it being ground down at some point in its life.

Its odd that there also appears to be a change in metal where it transitions from diamond to ribbed. But both areas appear to be old and the transition is gradual. It appears it was made this way. Also, a previous owner applied a strong acid in this area. I assume they were trying to look for where the metal was fused?

The symmetrical indentations are a puzzle. They remind me of how a partisan is often sharpened down towards the tip.
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