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Originally Posted by asomotif
Hello David,

This new mendak looks "die casted". Is that correct ?
Not much of a gift to a very old an genuine keris as presented in this thread.
I really prefer old mendak, as they are indeed like a jewel, a gift to the keris.

Ps, I like this thread about mendak :
Sorry, i posted the following as an edit on your post by mistake and then went back and deleted it.
Yes, i grabbed the first shot i could find on the internet in order to show I.P. the general shape of a Jawa/Madura mendak so that he could better understand why i was convinced that the one on this keris is squashed flat. It was not meant as an example of an exquisite or even medium grade mendak. That said however, it would be far better than leaving the one that is presently on this keris in place.
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