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Originally Posted by Sajen
Hi Anthony,

May I ask from where you coming? Normally you can ship edged weapons from Germany without any problems. Shipping to some countries (for example the States) is in the moment very expensive or not possible due corona.


I am from Singapore and item is a Bali keris to be shipped from Germany. This is the dealer appointed shipping agent reply. I think basically I am screw here. Most likely I have to ask for full refund if it is not possible.

//dealer agent quote//
as a Kris is a kind of weapon, all our shipping partners refuse to undertake the transport. We keep on searching but I´m not sure if we can find a good solution.

//dealer quote//
If you want to have the Kris shipped with us, we can't guarantee a successful delivery. For this we would charge you 130 euro plus the customs documents and the customs presentation. Otherwise I recommend again:

Mail Boxes Etc. – Center 2923 Nürnberg
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