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hmm, the site is using one of my photos of an ebony gripped opinel folder, next to a rather distinctive ruler i sometimes place in photos for reference. the black plastic scabbard comes from a late 20th c. cretian knife i have, in fact, here is the uncropped original photo. i used it here in this thread. i must assume they borrowed it from us here. the ruler was given to me by my nephew, sam, who belonged to the UAW local in huntsville, alabama.

oddly, they cut off the cretian knife that they talk about next to the photo, and leave the french folder that has no connection and in no way fits the scabbard. i have another opinel just like it in olive wood, the fact that ebony is black is coincidental & has nothing to do with hiding the knife for stealthy use and which comes in a variety of sizes and colours.
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