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Default Just arrived: Tjibatoe style? Golok Paut Nyere?

Just arrived less than a couple of hours ago
From Gununghalu, a sub-district that is not far from Ciwidey (Tjiwidey).
It is from a known provenance, the previous owner is 75 years old. As far as he remembers, the golok is in their family at least since his grandfather.
Handle is made of water buffalo horn, wooden sheath, simpay made of brass?, simeut meuting from albino water buffalo horn.
The blade is most likely selap (sanmai), see last picture.
As a comparison, a picture (picture 1) of goloks which i took at Karl May's museum in Radebeul. In the late 1880s he was around Indonesia.
2nd picture was taken by my friend in the village next to the previous owner's house.
Friends of mine have a strong belief it is Cibatu (Tjibatoe) style.
The blade is i guess a paut nyere..
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