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Still working on the inscription, but really hard to see the markings clearly as they are somewhat worn or poorly executed. Any way Robert that you could describe them as seen from hands on examination?

Also, as noted by Fernando, it would be good to see the ricasso to look for markings, and images of the pommel as well as inside of guard would help.
What is the blade length.
While screws seem unusual, and I am inclined to think these appear modern, Norman ("The Rapier and Smallsword", 1980) does describe various means of attachment where screws are used. Since they were often used inside the cup for securing the guardopolvo (dust cover) it would seem possibly for arms as well.

The only part of the inscription I can make out is the 'PERO' noted by Fernando and possibly that is a misspell of Pedro. The symbols with horned circle in appearance could be the letter D or E, as similar cases in Spanish inscriptions used similar devices in place of those letters.
This glyph has uses in zodiac (=bull) or the number 8, but not sure if applicable here.
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