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Default Two Magnificent Moro Kriss Blades

I was fortunate to recently acquire a couple of outstanding Moro krisses with especially unique, rare, and magnificently forged blades. The larger one here seems to have been forged in a pattern that reminds me of the Indian "chevron" tulwars blades...but not segments forged together like an Indian blade. Note the nickel lines and complex patterns that appear within the "chevrons".

At first glance, the smaller kriss looks to be the same, but though the patterns are similar, that one is missing the fine nickel lines. That kriss may very well be in its original polish; I doubt the larger one is.
These are both great examples of complex forging on lovely..and deadly...Moro blades. The forgers were quite skilled.

I am hoping one of our specialists in the art of blade forging can explain exactly how this pattern was created. It almost looks as if the entire blade is forged in a twistcore pattern.
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