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Default For Lew

Like most everyone here, I have been deeply saddened by the loss of our friend and colleague Lew several days ago. It has weighed heavily on my thoughts and I am compelled to say some things that I feel must be said.

Though I did not know him well, I always admired certain things about him which I admittedly did not always fully appreciate. Lew was intensely proud of his collection, the things he learned and shared, and above all, of this forum. The only time I can recall meeting him in person at one of our annual events, he was wearing one of the T-shirts Lee had made for us with the forums name emblazoned on it. He seemed quiet and almost shy, but at the same time profoundly proud of this forum and wore the shirt boldly in proclamation of this.

This I think well describes Lew. He could say more in few words than many, especially me, could say in thick text. I can recally many times thinking, this man knows so incredibly much on these weapons, why is he so brief? But then, in the true sense of the word 'laconic', I realized how powerful his simple words were. I would suddenly think as I read his concise observations, 'now why didnt I see that!?' as I realized how concise and astute his simply worded comments were.

While we were worlds apart in our style of contributing, we both shared the same common goal, knowing that our forum is to learn together and continually add to the details and knowledge we all hope to preserve here on arms.

He had more spirit and courage than I can adequately describe as he faced what was far more mortally threatening than anyone knew, and he continued to work diligently and selflessly despite it all.

To me he has been an inspiration, and in writing this, I only hope to offer a most humble salute to this man, and assure him that I personally will endeavor to carry the quest onward. You will not be forgotten Lew.

Vaya con Dios, rest in peace,
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