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Default Nice, Interesting SE Asian Dha/Daab FOR SALE

This is a unique, likely Thai or Burmese, dha/daab with an unusual blade(diamond sectioned) from pattern-welded steel. The sword blade may be influenced by other Asian cultures. The sword is 28in. overall with a thick, heavy, 20.75in. blade. The blade has some dark spots and minor pitting, but the pattern weld is quite clear. The hilt is simple and is gilded copper. It has seen one area of serious scratching on one side. The length of the hilt suggests this is a single-handed sword. I suspect the scabbard may be a little later to the sword, but clearly made for it and is wood covered in fitted gilded copper bands. The baldric is more recent.

This is a nice and somewhat "flashy" example with an unusual blade form.

$600.00 plus shipping

Please contact me at if interested.
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