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Tim Simmons 18th June 2021 05:02 PM

Question? what to do?
While I had a very nice ivory and horn status baton in my hand, I wondered what are we to do with this sort of stuff. As specially as the prohibitions are going to include any white tusk material. Even if non elephant ivory may get some exemption most customs people will see white tusk as elephant ivory. Many collectors will have paid a premium for ivory which is now worthless. One could trade with collectors in your local? It takes a long time to make laws and perhaps even longer to undo. Have anybody thought about the future of their ivory now that it is almost worthless?

Rick 19th June 2021 01:13 AM

I would think trading or gifting would probably be the best answer Tim. Here in my State antique ivories can also be sold through auctions provided that the items are not shipped to another state.
I wonder when they'll get around to banning Mastodon and Fossil Ivory; or for that matter even fossil teeth.

Will M 19th June 2021 03:13 AM

The ivory laws are to prevent poaching, which in fact save elephant lives and is not to regulate extinct animals. Fossilized ivory is no longer ivory.
I see many auctions describing ivory as bone or other material or no mention of it. Buying online you cannot know what that white material it is made from. It is the auctioneer that determines this.
It is still possible to purchase antique ivory and antiques with ivory content.
In the UK I believe ivory can be up to 10% of the total piece.
I don't know if this 10% is volume or weight or how they could measure this.
Ivory is still valuable and I believe one should not shy away from it or decide it is worthless since someone else with the knowledge of the laws will easily profit from the ignorance of others. Due diligence is your best weapon.

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