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vantique 1st November 2021 07:57 AM

Katana for review, please.
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Hi Guys,
Hope you are all. I have a Katana to show you. Will appreciate very much your expert opinions on its style, age, maker and origin. Most importantly, its authenticity🙂. It weighs 565 grams and is 31 1/4 inches in total length. 25 inches from blade tip to tang notch.Thank you so much for your time

Kmaddock 1st November 2021 12:02 PM

Looks good to me and has some definite age going on the 3 mounting holes

To get information on Japanese Items I always go to this site,

I would recommend you joining this group to get a full understanding of what you have.

However, there are some vultures who may PM you looking to purchase from you, personally I just ignore these people but that is up to you.



David R 1st November 2021 01:42 PM

It looks righteous but out of polish. I agree as to the best place to post this, Nihonto are a very specialised collecting area.

I did a double take at what I thought was a broken habaki but realised is in fact a shirasaya tsuka, do you have the scabbard part and is there any writing on it?

vantique 1st November 2021 02:25 PM

Hi Ken,

Thank you for your swift reply. Does my sword look antique to you? I have just joined the Nihonto Message Board and am eagerly waiting
for expert opinions such as yours. Thank you for suggesting that forum as well as the heads up on some people on that site. Good pieces of advice.
Stay well


vantique 1st November 2021 02:33 PM

Hi David,

Your reply is much appreciated. Yes, I have joined
Nihonto. Thank you for this suggestion. Yes, I do have the scabbard but I don't see any writing on it. Anyway, as long as it is antique and authentic to you, I am glad. Thanks again.

Best Regards,


vantique 2nd November 2021 04:14 PM

Thank you Ken and David for the valuable pieces of advice. I already joined the Nihonto group. As long as you people validate my sword as antique and authentic, I am very satisfied. 😄 P. S. I sent a similar reply to you guys yesterday, but it hasn't ( (as of yet) turned up here.

Stay well.


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