Observations from May, 1998, courtesy of Kevin Holcomb:

The physical restoration of the Tower is well worth seeing if you are in the neighborhood, but it is sad what they did to a really nice collection. On the good side they have done a nice job showing how the architecture of the Tower has changed over the years using a rather nice computer animation and a number of models. Over the last year I have been to the Tower several times and the restoration of the structure is being done incredibly well, the outward presentation of the exhibits is improving, but the content is becoming much smaller and is more flashy with objects of lesser significance. The torture/punishment devices on exhibit a year ago are gone as are many of the suits of amour that were in the now closed Royal Armories. There is a crossbow on display in one of the outer towers where it would not be looked for and in the White Tower is a collection of cannons and cannonballs on the bottom floor. The first floor has a large collection of sabers, pikes, and muskets arranged in decorative patterns much like those (although far less impressive than) on the walls at Hampton Court. There were a number of large display cases (possibly as many as 10) that they were in the process of putting the armour in, however that section was roped off and I really could not see what was in. Basically, they have taken William's tower, and the palace of Edward and with it talk almost completely about Henry. It is as if they wish to erase any kings before the Tudors from the record. At least that was the feeling I got from the changes. It seemed odd to see William's tower and Edward's palace with no mention of either anywhere to be found.

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