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Hello Dave, long time no see and talk, I might drop by at the Pasadena knife show this year. I would like to show you a large twistcore kris that I acquired yrs back. Send my regards to Lonna.

Ian, I might be wrong but thru my years of collecting moro weapons and moro weapons only, I have seen several kinds of scabbards with small and large nails, and the used of rattan wraps but styles varies this style I've seen other wise I won't use. The scabbard came with large head nails not newly added but original to it. It doesn't look old now because I had them polished, I also had an old moro weapon plaque with same type of nails use. You can also search thru this forums archive you will see a few scabbards with the same features. The only unusual thing probably added was the braided rattan wraps and the red cloth.

Kai, you're right, there might had been a second clamp. I was planning to add two clamps but I still remember how costly this things are. The last two clamps I had custom made cost me half a grand.

Thanks for the compliment Sajen.
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