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Originally Posted by kai
Here some data for my example:

weight 634 g

707 mm total length
450 mm blade length
264 mm hilt length (89.2 mm grip length including 33.75 mm ferrule)

102 mm point of balance (from ferrule)

303 mm from upper base to bump at back of blade
154 mm from bump to tip

thickness at base of blade
back: 9.8 mm
"edge": 8.0 mm
width: 20.1 mm

thickness - 151.5 mm from base
back: 3.75 mm
39mm from edge: 3.4 mm
30mm from edge: 3.1 mm
20mm from edge: 2.5 mm
10mm from edge: 2.0 mm
width: 47.3 mm

thickness - 303 mm from base (bump at back of blade)
back: 1.9 mm
10mm from back: 2.1 mm
20mm from back: 2.3 mm
[concave surface]
39mm from edge: 2.2 mm
30mm from edge: 2.0 mm
20mm from edge: 1.85 mm
10mm from edge: 1.5 mm
width: 68.5 mm

thickness - 77 mm from tip
back: 2.75 mm
max near back: 3.15 mm
30mm from edge: 3.1 mm
20mm from edge: 2.9 mm
10mm from edge: 2.1 mm
width: 38.8 mm

blade thickness - 44 mm from tip (local maximum)
back: 3.2 mm
max near back: 3.45 mm
20mm from edge: 3.4 mm
10mm from edge: 2.4 mm
blade width: 25.3 mm

Hello Kai,

Fine that we have such detailed measurements from your example but a picture or two would be very useful also!

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