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Default Ethnographic folding knives

well, here we are always talking about swords and spears and such..
but now what about some folding knives then

the first foto next to the okapi knife it is a factory made version of a type of dagestani folding knife. with a wood handle.

the next two are hand made, with forged convex ground blades and plexi glass handles with colored tinfoil underneath,,

this is the more common dargins made folder, made in the village of khabouk, comes with a pistol grip sort of shape grip, there is also several other styles of handle shape used, some more like the french and italian gunstock shaped pocketknife handles..

here is a Lak made folding knife with a locking blade from dagesan it is with a pink plexiglass handle,, actualy the foilunder is pink ,, made by a mamber of the lak ethnic group..

i beleive the khabouksky style of folding knife well predates communisim and proably originates some time in the earily 19th centuary when factory made goods began to arrive from russia and europe and folding knives would have been introduced..

ive not seen any very old exsamples.. as i suspect these were just worked till they fell apart,,.. older ones normaly have buffalo horn handles,, , but the style hasn't changed much,

the first knife with the pink scales is about 30 or 35 years old and the other with green scales it is only 2 or 3 years old..

so here is a dagestani folding knife........

what other ethnographic folding knives from around the world have peoples here..
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