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True Combat Value of Wootz
Excellent, wide-ranging discussion about wootz/pulad. Participants include metallurgists, smiths and sword-makers.

Notes on development of Modern Sabers - Role of Eastern Europe & The Hussars

Shaver Kool

FYI The production of crucible Damascus steel
By Ann Feuerbach, Ph.D.

FYI Brief history of crucible damascus steel
By Ann Feuerbach, Ph.D.

Magnetic Weapons

Meteoric iron used for keris's vs. for Indian weapons

Sliding Weights

The Big Takouba Thread

Two Kampilan and a Question

Best Ethnographic Sites

The Big Flyssa Thread

The 20th Century British Military Pattern Gurkha Issue Kukri

"Black Sea" Yataghan/Laz Bichaq

Early Makers Trade Marks

Marking of weapons: Anthropologically and Sociologically

Contemporary Thai Swords

The Criollo (creole) Knives from Argentina - Article by A. Domenech

Indo-Persian Blades in the Collection of E. Gene Beall by Dr. Ann Feuerbach

CITES-An Informal Guide

Origin of the Kampilan?

Piha Kaetta

Dayak Parang Face Gallery


Photographing Weapons--The Details

Period Photos w/Weapons

Very Old Kris--Plus, check out link to another good, related thread in first post

St. Peter's Knife?

Downloadable books/articles

Kukris: An Evolution in Pictures

European Swords in the Deccan
You can find a PDF file of Robert Elgood's article, Swords in the Deccan in the 16th and 17th Centuries: Their manufacture and the influence of European imports, in this thread.

Kaskara in Silver Dress: an essay for comment and discussion by Ed Hunley
Kaskara Cross-guards—a second essay for comment and discussion by Ed Hunley
Kaskara Fuller Styles and Some Blade Marks--a third essay for comment and discussion by Ed Hunley
Edited PDF versions of these three threads on the kaskara can be found in this site's Geographical Index here

The Late Lew Waldman's Ethnographic Arms and Armor Collection. Lew was a Staff Member of this Forum for several years and had a nice collection of ethnographic arms and armor. When he passed away, Dr Lee Jones helped to sell off Lew's collection for his family, and in the process put together this pictorial display of the collection plus descriptions for each item.
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