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When my granddad passed we bought our favorite pieces from my grandmother at a fair price to help with her home care. When I look at these pieces I have great memories of them.

What was left after the purchases didn't fare so well. Some pilfering et cetera, and a bit of squabbling among my aunts and uncles after my grandmothers passing culminating with a shady auction. A period of bad memories and the event kind of dissolved family bonds. Not a great way to honor such family orientated peoples' memory.

If keeping the collection together is not the paramount concern, but rather equitable distribution among interested parties I liked my grandfather's solution of letting everyone buy what they really wanted to remember him by before his death. After their death my grandparent's the original system functioned as a sports draft with each individual choosing an item in a set order. Simple, equitable, orderly. Not being a participant in the draft I was given the task of remembering what individual items were and values to help everyone get a fair price at a later date if they wanted. Monkey wrenches can be thrown into the systems by last minute changes though when dealing with people like Mr. Maisey's friend's step-daughter. Never under estimate them

All this brings to mind my own eventual demise as I work in a dangerous environment and could easily be a victim of my own stupidity. I have not updated my arrangements in a while and the old solution's are no longer applicable. This seems a task for next month, if I make it that far, with a bit of careful thought of who would enjoy the items the most in between. Most people don't seem to enjoy the craftmanship and cultural history of these kinds of items so they are a bit hard to dispose of.
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