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That is exactly what my friend tried to do.

He suffered a stroke, he went into a nursing home and never came out.

As soon as it was clear to him that he was on the Promotion List, he instructed his step daughter to give the item concerned to his friend.

Prior to his death the step daughter was unwilling to look for the item identified as a gift amongst the other items of his collection.

After his death she and her husband denied any knowledge of the request.

The value of the item to be gifted was about $2000. The total value that the stepdaughter took from the estate after the nursing home expenses was in the neighborhood of several hundred thousand dollars.

Quite simply, she wanted it all.

When you're gone and your family & friends have nobody to account to, do not believe that they will comply with your wishes.

An enforceable will is the only protection.

I've given the bare bones of the story here, there is more to it that does not need to be included here.

The reason I know so much detail is that I knew my departed friend for more than 50 years, and I have known the victim of the theft for even longer. I knew my friend's second wife extremely well, and I know her family.
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