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Hello Hefezola:

This kris is most likely from the Maranao people of Mindanao. I have attached a blown up picture of its gangya area and the white arrow points to a carved feature that Robert Cato* believes distinguishes the origin of the blade by tribal group (see here) . In this case, the shape suggests it comes from the Maranao.

The width of the blade is about 1 inch for much of its length, and a little more near the gangya. This is actually a little narrower than seen on many late-19th/20th C Maranao kris, and might suggest an earlier date for the blade.

There is evidence that the blade has seen some use and the somewhat uneven cutting edges suggest that nicks to the blade have been ground down in the past.

The hilt is of a type used in the 19th C and later. It shows wear and tear consistent with general use over time. You did not give us a full view of the kakatua pommel.

The scabbard is helpful. The "wings" of its sampir are missing, with the relevant parts of the kris being exposed when sheathed, a feature which is seen on late 19th C and 20th C scabbards from Moro groups living on Mindanao (i.e., the Maguindanao and Maranao).

I think you have a mid- to late-19th C Maranao kris. The scabbard may have been made a little later.


*Robert Cato. Moro Swords. An out of print book published in the 1990s. You will find many references to his work on this site.

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